The Stiletto

HTML5 / jQuery

This website was created as an example of what can be created with jQuery. It showcases different types of interactive methods, all using pure HTML, CSS and jQuery.

The content is the history of the Stiletto High Heel, a site aimed at lovers of Stiletto’s. The homepage contains an interactive slider where the user has the option to navigate through the slider using the navigation arrows, or by directly clicking on the smaller icons across the base of the slider. The slider also runs automatically.

The History page contains an interactive timeline display of the stiletto through the years, allowing users to click through and see how it has changed over the years, as well as the option to click on a year and go directly to that image.

The Styles page is an example of using simple jQuery to change the image on hover, as well as some simple effects that allow users to view products in different colours, suitable for e-commerce website displays.
Please note that this website was created to demonstrate the capabilities of jQuery only, so it is not responsive and is best viewed on a desktop.

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